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How We’re Serving You

Here at ruGaming we strive to ensure the best Customer Service and to keep all your information confidential and ensure satisfaction.
We strive to be the #1 boosting service provider for “Destiny”, we’ve been doing boosting services since February of 2015.

Hassle Free

Upon checkout, all information is gathered so our team can quickly access and fulfill your order.

All Professional

Our team is formed from veteran gamers from all walks of genre.
Along with our well developed gaming team, our security and support team are here to make you feel safe.

Risk Free Services

With our triple layer of protection; we ensure all of your information is kept private and stored in a top-secret vault.

Saving You Time

With our new appointment system, you can request a certain time slot for minimal interference with your gameplay!

Premium Experience

With over three years of 5 STAR satisfaction rating on Facebook, EpicNPC and more; we can assure you – you’re dealing with the best!

24/7 Service Time

Our website and staff work around the clock so you can get, and know what you want; when you want.

Who are we dealing with?

You are dealing with myself; Evan. I have formed ruGaming back in 2013 to be a massive; online multi-gaming community for all people to enjoy and fit in. Since then we formed to be gaming specialist and help improved other gamers experience by getting the rewards everyone needs.

I thrive on customer satisfaction. Knowing I am putting a smile on a face or ease to mind is what I live for.
I appreciate the opportunity you all have given many of us here at ruGaming – and for that, we plan to satisfy your every need!


Bundle and Save!

Including monthly, weekly and custom orders!

Group orders, and bundling your orders will result in the most deduction to your subtotal than anything else! If you want to go for savings and order in bulk; check out some of our packages!

Bring me..

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