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Who are we?
We are ruGaming!

With customization and imagination, anything is possible. If you have an odd service you need fulfilled just ask!

Also, you can set a time for your service to be completed!

Better Deals

Our custom orders and bundled products can bring you more savings than ever before! With the recent upgrades to the site; more savings are to be had!

World-Wide Support

With today’s technology we can appear in any country you need us too!
For that extra security in case your worried about region locked or region restricted settings!


All of our work is 100% guaranteed to be completed to the fullest. We don’t cut corners or slack when it comes to perfection.


Our Team
We were most notable for streaming Double Carries During Year 2 and 3 of Destiny 1, and continue to be in the top leaderboards across majority of the platforms!

Here at ruGaming we strive to ensure the best Customer Service and to keep all your information confidential and ensure satisfaction.
We strive to be the #1 boosting service provider for “Destiny”, we’ve been doing boosting services since February of 2015.

Our Trials Team includes three Top200 Trials Players along with Veteran Destiny player Dalj, who had maintained top 50 players in Trials of Osiris for over two years.

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